Please be sure to refer to our Appointment policy below when making a booking.      

I would like to book in an appointment, what do I do?

You can book straight from the facial service page when paying the entire amount upfront using your Debit/credit card, Paypal or Afterpay.

When paying Cash

Go to the product in the 'Facials' Collection and pay a deposit of $50 to secure the appointment.

You can also call us and do this over the phone, please have your credit card details ready.

Can I make an appointment if I don't want to pay a deposit?

The simple answer is, No. We value everyone's time including yours.

Will I get the deposit back if I don't turn up?

We allow a once-off for the deposit to be transferred for another booking for late notices of less than 24 hours. 

Subsequent no shows equal a 100% loss of your deposit.

We have grace for medical reasons.

What is considered 'late notice'?

Less than 24 hours.

Something's come up, I can't make it to my appointment. 

If it is more than 24 hours notice please email or SMS us so we can schedule in a different time.


What if I'm running late?

Please don’t rush. Just call to let us know.
just note that if you have booked in 60 minutes and say 10 minutes late, then we might only have 50 minutes left of treatment time as we may have an appointment booked in next.

Can I bring my pet or children?

For hygiene and safety reasons, we do not allow animals or children to be present during treatment time.

A guide dog to help a visually impaired person is the exception.

I'm feeling a bit sick, but I'm not that sick..

Please get better first. Your beauty appointment can be rescheduled.


I am intoxicated and am under the influence..

We do not treat on people under the influence as it breaches our insurance policy. It places both parties in unnecessary hot water. You will be turned away.

Can I just pop in without an appointment?

We see clients by appointment only or have made prior arrangements with us.

I want to use Afterpay but I don't want to start my payment installations until my appointment day?

Please pay for the $50 deposit online and on the day of treatment we can process the Afterpay portion in store.

Can I pay for my deposit with Afterpay?

Yes, of course. It just means that if you want to pay for the treatment/s using Afterpay too, you will have two payment schedules as Afterpay cannot add or subtract to an existing payment schedule once it has been processed.

I am using a code from a gift card or giveaway. Do I need to pay the deposit from the gift card? 

Not at all. Just book in your preferred time.