Bouaboo, SA

I had a very good session with Lee. Felt the Qi a lot more in the second session moving through my arms, shoulders, back and legs loosening up especially the right knee then Qi moving into the left knee. Towards the end my left knee, hip, sciatica is where the issues are this area feels a lot looser today when walking and it also feels stronger and free. My upper back feels a lot looser as well I feel coldness in my hands and pins and needles in my fingers and toes. My body moved and swayed so much this session it was actually very energizing yet I slept like a baby in a very deep sleep that evening.

I look forward to getting more treatments. Thank you so much!


Dan, SA

Today’s session was an eye-opener for me. I came in with minimal scepticism in mind but after a few moments of treatment my views have changed. Upon starting the treatment I began to feel slight tingling from my fingertips and also in my toes, the tingling soon turned to a warmth and as the treatment continued my body started to move on its own. My leg started to spasm and move on their own accompanied by what felt like an electrical current flowing through the bottom of my feet. The treatment on my arm was just as surprising with my hand and fingers moving on their own. It began with the fingers on my right hand switching than the hand rising itself to the surface. I couldn’t believe the outcome of just one session. When we begin my right arm was cold and numb, but now warmth had returned.

The Holistic Massage House, Therapist, SA

Thanks for treating me today Lee. It was an out of body experience to say the least. As soon as Lee put his hands on either side of my body it started to move, stretch, crack and unwind. At one point I was balancing on the sides of my feet stretching my ankles and then my knee cracked. I was sweating then my breathing became a lot better. I could actually feel my lungs inflate and deflate whilst breathing. My hips have been uneven for years, my left leg longer than my right, I walked out with my legs the same length, looser hips, glutes, no lower back pain and much looser body that was full of energy.

It is like Lee has started my engine.

It has been a couple of hours since the treatment with Lee and I’ve noticed my digestion has improved there has been no sign of reflux, my eyes are much brighter, my skin feels better and I am full of energy.
Do your body a favor. Get a treatment from Lee.


Diemxnz, SA

I am the person in the video being treated by Lee, Adelaide energy, The feeling of the Qi entering the body can be a strange yet surreal experience. You will feel a sensation within you as you relax and allow the Qi to flow. It is making my fingers twitch believe it or not. Since beginning my journey to good health, it should be known that I for many years was not living right. I was very heavy smoker and the things I used to put into my body were detrimental to my health, I did not exercise for a long time either. It resulted in many blockages in my body and I would suffer from strong piercing pains in my chest and abdomen area. I could not fall asleep at night and my mental health was unstable.

Now after a few months of training and treatment my life has done a complete 180!

My trainer motivates me enough that I have ceased many old habits and am visually looking healthier and do not feel that sharp piercing pain. Smoking has become easier to cut down on day by day and I can breathe again and I now sleep very nicely as my body clock has reset. But most importantly my mental health has reached a balance point for the first time in my life. There is so many more improvements I could discuss. I’m truly so grateful for the teachings and blessings I have received and encourage anyone else who is also struggling with health issues to seek Qi treatment ASAP! Hundred percent!



Anna, SA

My lower back pain is very painful the first few days of my period. Lee told me that a couple days before my period to see him for treatment. During treatment my whole body started to feel warm then hot, I opened my eyes and Lee was standing about five metres away from me. I was shocked at the energy emitted from his hands at such a far distance. It has been three days now after treatment, I’m currently in my period and have no lower back pain at all. Lee explained that lower back pain is related to the kidneys and an inflamed uterus. Before treatment he explained he will be working on my Ming men and ren 3 acupoint.



Cherry, SA

During the treatment I felt very hot and began to sweat, I felt physically uncontrollable to the point that I was going to vomit or faint. Lee said the discomfort would subside once the blockages cleared and sure enough, moments later it was gone. This happened several times in different areas of the body including my stomach and back. Lee was attentive, knowledgeable and soothing, After one session I’m now very confident Lee is able to help with my back pain.



Kevern - Landscaper, SA

 When I got to the session with Lee I had just finished a 10 hour day at work, Landscaping. I was sore all over and exhausted. The first thing I noticed was a feeling that Lee was holding space and allowing energy to do its thing, rather than doing anything “to me”.

I felt a warmth through my back and almost immediately my back and chest opened up/relaxed and I felt like I was being stretched up through my spine. I can say that when we finished I felt like I had just woken up from a restful sleep. My aching was gone and I was refreshed immediately. Lee’s simple approach and knowledge of his gift is amazing and I can't wait to see him again very soon.

Lee - Physio, SA 

This is my first ever experience with Qi treatment. As a physio I went into the session slightly sceptical and was not sure what to expect. I was able to feel the Qi in my body straight away – My right arm started lifting and a headache that I had slowly disappeared throughout the session. I felt a sense of heaviness but calmness and after telling Lee I often don’t sleep well he worked on some of these issues. It is now one day after treatment and not only did I have an excellent sleep but I feel calm and positive. I am truly looking forward to the teachings and possibilities ahead. Thank you!



“ Qi doesn’t only help externally with pain relief or injuries but also helps with internal issues related to organs and disease”.
Qigong Shifu and Practitioner, Lee.



Anon, SA

It is true about the help of disease and organs because my endometriosis usually causes heavy blood clotting but, since Qi treatments it’s almost completely stopped doing that and I haven’t seen any clots. It’s been amazing.

Actually, I did feel Qi working on my lower belly during treatment each time.

Anon, SA

Seeing Lee was quite surreal. I had seen similar stuff on televiosn but had no idea what to expect. The first 10-20 minutes when Lee was putting Qi into me I felt very hot with a lot of heat in my head behind my ear. I also felt nauseous. After this passed my body began to move and eventually bent over and I began to feel the Qi moving to blockages as some pain would build up there in the form of pressure and then eventually release. Afterwards I feel very clear in my head, like a lot of white noise has settled and I can think clearer. Lee told me most of my blockages are related to my kidney point.

I am looking forward to seeing further results over the next few days and hopefully seeing Lee again this week. Highly recommend you try it!


Anon, SA

About two months ago my daughter Lexy, aged 6, was involved in a serious traumatic incident which involved another person who had picked up a tractor tyre and was rolling it and then suddenly let go of it which struck my daughter then bounced and fell on her head. She was hospitalised for three and a half weeks. The first seven days was critical, not knowing what was going to happen, my world got turned upside down. As a result of the incident, Lexy now has metal plates and screws in her skull as well as multiple fractures around her face, she lost her eyesight in the left eye and not being able to move it because of optic nerve damages. Her hearing to her right ear was also damaged.


With her first treatment with Lee she saying that she was really itchy all around her left eye and face where the metal plates were placed. That night we returned home she said “Daddy, I see a white light every now and then”.

I was amazed and two days later I noticed when she looked at me that both of her eyes were pointing to my direction looking at me. You could not imagine that feeling that I was going through. It was a really emotional moment as I was told by doctors and the neurological team that she would not be able to see or move her eye again.

In saying that, we had gone to her six week check up with the doctor that were treating her (which was 3 days after Qigong treatment), The doctor did a routine check with her eye and was shocked.

In his words “oh my, this is remarkable”.

He continued to say that her eye is reacting and that this is rare. I looked at him and said “ Sure is “ with a smile.

Thank you Lee, we are blessed to have you in our lives.

Since then we have had another treatment session and have had more progress. Lexy now is able to see more flickers of light.

We will be continuing with the treatment. Thank you again Lee, my friend.



Estee', Skin Therapist, SA

Today I had the privilege of being treated by Lee for my sore joints on my legs and feet and years of built up anxiety. I cannot put into the right words what I experienced today so I will let the words flow naturally and hopefully make sense.

Upon arriving I was greeted by Lee and was told to prepare but just placing my belongings down and just stand there. As soon as I did I felt my hands tingling within seconds. I felt the Qi energy emitting from him. It was sensation like pins and needles and ants crawling over me, but not in an irritated way, but in a way you know that this is going to be good.

I had my eyes closed for most of the time and at one point I felt like a bigger version of me, it’s hard to describe, but the best way I could describe it is that I felt thick as a big tree trunk, I felt solid, I felt strong, I felt like my weak body was completely healed and I was ready to lift a truck with my bare hands. I felt like I was engulfed in a tunnel of dense air and I could feel the particles of electromagnetic in the air. This was my favourite part of the session.

As he hovered his palms from a distance over my body I was involuntarily moving and felt like I was being pulled by a magnetic force. At times the movement would feel like I was gliding like a swan over a lake that I had no control over and at times the pull was so intense that I couldn’t fight it and it actually hurt more when I did.

I had a blockage at the back of my neck / upper spine that brought a tear to my eye when Qi had made my head tilt backwards, it was intense pain. I didn’t know I had a blockage there. When my head was tilted I could feel the crunch as though the area was bogged with muddy toxins and fluid. After the Qi had a few go's with making my head tilt backwards somehow the pain lessened with each tilt and on the final one when I straightened back up I gasped for air. I was breathing the entire time but for some reason my body naturally gasped for air as though I had just emerged from beneath the ocean. My body intuitively took about 5 to 10 breaths that I couldn’t control which I made a noise that sounded like something was crushing my chest, but it got better and better after each breath to be more normal like. The strangest thing is the air that my body was desperately sucking in felt like tubes of 50 cm length of thick air. It is hard to describe but it felt like the air had gold flecks of light particles in it that again my body intuitively held in for seconds before exhaling, almost to say suck in the medicinal air and hold it in there. After this my lungs felt like it opened up and I breathed better.

.... Session 5

I can’t even explain what I’ve experienced in the last two days. Just over the weekend.

I am now doing moves that I’ve never done. That I have to ask a lot of questions about as it doesn’t make any sense to me right now, but I think it’s not meant to, we are meant to just go with the flow of the healing from Qi and allow the energy to flow through us and guide us to unknown places within our body that we didn’t know possible.

In the last couple of days I've healed my trauma with my mum. Deep-rooted issues right there. I resented her in secret. But today, I just got on the phone to her and told her that she needs just love her children and just show it. So much healing is taking place and I know by this one conversation with her it’s all going to have the rest of my family benefit. Mum is a wonderful woman, but too independent so sometimes it comes off as abrasive even though she’s not. 
With Qi flowing through me it allowed me to to see my familys' thoughts and although they had hurt me I saw that they were also hurting. I was able to sense this and it brought down my walls and anger and I saw them in a compassionate light which made me be the one to reach out.

We are now getting healing. Because of the Qigong healing it has started the process.


Edward, SA

Before treatment I had pain in my left wrist and lower back. Lee used acupuncture needles as well as his own Qi for treatment which made me lean backwards and forwards due to my back pain. As I felt the Qi gestured my body to lean backwards, forwards and to the right, putting most of the pressure on my right leg.

Lee mentioned that means there were issues with my hip which makes sense as I was working on uneven ground on site as an apprentice bricklayer. As my arms raised on either side of my body I felt the Qi flowing down my arms and into my hands and my pain slowly goes away. The more treatments I have with Lee the more I am able to feel the Qi flowing through me and the needles definitely help that I’m also obtaining a more positive mindset and feeling stronger the more I see Lee.

He used a few different apparatus this week, including a toothpick, a small metal ball the size of a marble, a larger one a bit smaller than a tennis ball which was also used with a wooden board and a stick of Chinese herbs.

Compressed and formed into a point like pencil which is red hot. The heat which was hovering over my wrist made my pointer finger go numb and experience pins and needles. Though the most effective was the larger ball which Lee rolls on top of a wooden board resting on my lap. Both my hands and wrists went numb and experience the same pins and needles. Nothing was a bad feeling. Instantly made me feel both calmer and stronger afterwards as well as during treatment.