On arrival patients are required to place down their belongings and remove their shoes and just stand there and allow the practitioner to begin.

The practitioner will then begin to hoover their hands over the body either from a close range or metres away and this is how Qi is emitted from the practitioner to the patient.

The patient is expected to just have a clear mind, let the motions flow and don't restrict or try to stop the movements and just allow the Qi to travel through the body to do its job.

Some have even reported that when they had tried to stop certain involuntary movements they had become nauseous. 

As each persons' issue is different there will then of course be different responses during the treatment. Please refer to the ' What is Qigong '  to read of the possible involuntary responses.

For the sessions we advise to wear comfortable clothing.


What to expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment some patients may feel energized or tired. These responses are different for each person. One example, If the patient is fatigued or haven't had good rest the Qi will then tell their body to go home and rest up. Which ever the response is that is what the body needs and it is best to listen to the body for best results.



How many treatments do I need before I see results?

Results are noticed after just one treatment. Though just like going to the gym to build muscles, you will get better results after a few sessions. We recommend consecutive days 3 to 10 treatments with a preferable 5 treatment as the sweet spot. 

Is there a string or a magnetic device in our premises?

LOL, Simple answer is No. It may be hard to believe that the treatment all comes from the practitioner as it really does feel as though there is more to it than just their human body and hands, well also because there is. 

To be able to treat with our unique healing the practitioner had to do years of disciplinary training to prepare to heal others for years. The practitioner then continues their training each and everyday. Before each treatment the practitioner has performed upto an hour long standing meditation to cultivate Qi so that they can then emit it to the patient to help their body heal. As you can see there is a lot discipline and inner work to prepare before the day even begins for the practitioner. 


Is it safe for Children?

Yes, it is especially very beneficial for children for their hormone growth and brain development.

I am pregnant, can I get treatment for my sore body?

Congratulations. Your body is busy right now it is best to wait.


What about after I give birth?

This will be very beneficial for post pregnant bodies as the treatment will help heal wounds faster, also a lot of blood has been lost so it will help with regenerating blood back quicker. Please allow the bleeding to completely stop first and 2 weeks after that. So generally 6-8 weeks after giving birth.

I am breastfeeding can I come in for treatment?

Yes, you may.
Please make sure the lochia has completely stopped first though.


I have started training with Qigong treatment and have more days booked in I am hoping to become pregnant.

Please wait until you have completed your course to try to conceive. If you suspect that you have fallen pregnant please advise our practitioner immediately as treatment will need to stop.



What about pace makers and metal implants?

This is safe to go through with Qigong treatment.