Bio Therapeautics BT MICRO

Bt Micro Current

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Plump, Strengthened, Glowing Youthful skin is all yours!


This device does it all and that's why the bt Micro is placed in our luxury skin care device range for those that care for superior skin health and appearance and a little guilty free daily indulgence. 


The bt-Micro is the latest innovation in hand held professional technology; it combines ultrasonic peeling with patented microcurrent capabilities.

bt-Micro ultrasonic exfoliation works by creating high speed oscillation (24,000Hz | 26,000 Hz) of the flat peeling probe, which in turn expedites the removal of the stratum corneum, leaving the skin smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product penetration.

The results are plumper, firmer skin that enhances the result of key ingredients of all products.

The bt-Micro is powered by a rechargeable battery, compact lightweight, and extremely effective as a standalone tool or used in conjunction with other technology services.


When applying serums and creams select the option that is designed to help the specific product and it will enable deeper absorption. The in-built 2-in-1 micro current works to firm, plump and help smooth fine lines at the same time.

Every glide is worth it. Results are glowing, firm and plump skin every day.

The second option to select is the Exfoliate setting where it gently exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. You may use this with your favourite cleanser or the Glycolic Foam Cleanser.

The third option is the Clear setting for extracting blackheads. When chosen the bt-micro helps to dislodge and remove blackheads easier.

This is an all-rounded device which we know will become a staple in your skin care routine once you use the bt Micro and realise how much easier it is to incorporate into your current skin routine compared to other handheld microcurrents currently on the market.

3-5 passes is all you need over your face. Further instruction comes with package.

This kit includes:

1 x bt Micro

1 x Charger

1 x Bag

1 x Instructions manual





  • Depending on the treatment.
    Apply Serum, Cream or glycolic cleanser.

    STEP 2
  • Place index finger on the area to treat with one hand.Keep it there.
  • With the hand holding the device. Glide the device above where the index finger is placed 3-5 times over the area being treated. (please refer to manual for more instructions)
  • This will help with the conducting of the microcurrent from the device.


bt Micro® Bio therapeutics ® Microcurrent device