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Imagine living life the best humanly way possible and that your mind is still in reality and your body has just unlocked the possibilities to heal itself in the best way possible that you begin to feel great again.

Qigong does not only help with the physical form, but also mentally and emotionally.

Qigong helps to bring out the best you and what is your true authentic self. Helping unlock your truest potential.

As mentioned in our reviews, Many people have benefited physically from our practitioner some even say that because it helped them emotionally and mentally too that the relationships with family and friends have now become positive and enriching.


Our practitioner helps by emitting Qi into the patient to clear blockages. They do this by hovering the hand over the patient and the patient may feel a pushing or pulling feel like a magnetic force. Patient is required to just relax and allow the Qi to move around the body and go with the flow.

A succession of 3 treatment sessions is advised to measure the individuals sensitivity and then 5-10 treatments is advised depending on the condition that is being treated. patients may then have top up treatments to maintain the Qi in their body which could be every 1-12 months depending on each person.

Patients will notice a difference after just 1 treatment, however just like going to the gym to build muscle mass it requires more sessions to go deeper within and develop the changes hence why we have the 5 or 10 treatment packages available.




Treatment includes

  • 10 x Treatment session of selected amount of time



  • Heal the bodily system
  • Clear blockages in the the meridian channels
  • Balance yin and yang  (in particular great for people that go to the gym. They need this treatment to help rebalance their testosterone and estrogen level however it is great for everyone to do this)
  • Improve internal organs to help function better
  • Muscular and joint health
  • Prevents injuries and can heal existing ones
  • Treat addictions
  • Improve sleep
  • Feel energized
  • Positive experiences
  • Positive mindset
  • Mental Clarity...

    These are just a few to list. The list is much more extensive. Please refer to section in FAQs


Who is the right candidate?

  • Ages from 5+ years. It is great for children to start young
  • Sometimes babies can be treated for medical reasons. Please email us for more info as our practitioner may be able to treat the condition.
  • In particularly great for the elderly
  • All genders


  • Pregnant women - Congratulations, but this treatment you must avoid.
  • Women trying to get pregnant - Congratulations, but this treatment you must avoid.
  • Breast feeding - Please allow 2 months after giving birth
  • Post pregnancy -    Please allow 2 months after giving birth
  • If you are trying to conceive or fall pregnant during treatment plan please let our practitioner know ASAP


Never heard of Qigong? That's great! Please allow us to introduce you and be sure to head over to these pages for some key details

What is Qigong?
What to Expect and Frequently Asked Questions







Disclaimer: For those concerned, please seek medical approval from your GP before commencing Qigong Healing.